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Thanks to the computer-controlled machine park, we can produce our series furniture at a very favorable price. The technological process, which we have built up over many years, enables the perfect development of furniture of any complexity and its preparation for series production. The many years of experience of our designers help our company to be able to strive for serial production as soon as the first copy is made.

Our processes support the efficient integration of experience into production, so we can continuously optimize production and produce series products of outstanding quality, always with the same quality.

Our advanced production technologies, the equipment of our machines, the preparedness of our specialists, our reliable suppliers and our high quality assurance principles continuously ensure our compliance with the highest quality expectations, so we can safely produce even large orders in a short time.

Thanks to our established technological processes, our foreign client partners also turn to us with confidence, whether it is about the complex interior design of a luxury truck or the production of hotel furniture.

In Hungary, we mainly build medical clinics, bank branches, and hotels, but we also welcome the needs of any institutions from new investments or renovations.

Find our furniture made of the noblest materials, which form the basis of our artistic furniture, in our webshop.

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